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Business Management Course
Course Level 1
Study Method Online
Course Duration 80 Hours
Start Date Ongoing
Endorsed By Endorsed By ABC Awards and Certa Awards
Pay in Instalment Full Fee £ 180, Deposite £ 40, ( £ 14/month )
  • Full Fee: £ 180
  • Discount: £ 81
  • Pay Today: £ 99
Pay in Full
Get £ 81 Discount Pay Today £ 99
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Pay in Instalment Full Fee £ 180, Deposite £ 40, (£ 14/month)
you can pay Staff Training Solutions using payatrader
Course Overview

What is Business Management Course

What is business management course consists of three insightful modules, which gradually introduce the world of contemporary business management and a variety of core sub-topics. In business management courses from home important subjects are discussed and explored at length include the different types of business management, the duties and responsibilities of business managers, workforce deployment and long-term performance management.


Course Syllabus

The business course online is divided into three modules:

Module 1 - Introduction to Business Management

Module 2 - Managing Business Operations

Module 3 - Performance Management

Career Path

This course has been designed to lay a strong foundation upon which to begin building a life-long career in business management. Whether looking to go on to higher-level studies or perhaps improve promotion prospects, your prospects will improve significantly as you study. Career options in business management are dynamic and limitless – the perfect specialism to help you reach your full potential. 

Course Accreditation

This course has been accredited under ABC Awards Quality Licence Scheme by Certifications for Professional Development Limited (CPD) which has been approved as ABC Awards QLS centre to give formal recognition to courses. At the end of this course successful learners will be awarded a certificate of achievement by ABC Awards. The training courses have been designed specifically to meet the needs of learners who prefer to study from home. The course measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked at Level 1 (using Ofqual's Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors) to allow you to consider the depth of study, difficulty, and level of achievement involved.

What is ABC Awards?

ABC Awards is a national awarding organisation that has years of experience in developing and awarding high quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries. They have a comprehensive portfolio of over 650 Ofqual regulated qualifications on the national Qualifications and Credit framework (QCF) for all ages and abilities post-14.

Who should take this course
  • Job market newcomers looking to enhance employment prospects
  • Members of the workforce in pursuit of promotion
  • Candidates considering continuing to higher-level diploma studies
  • Existing managers and business owners with no formal training
  • Anyone looking to improve their understanding of key business basics 
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