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Diploma in Hotel Management QLS 6
Course at QLS Level 6
Study Method Online
Course Duration 500 Hours
Start Date Ongoing
Endorsement Endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme
Pay in Instalment Full Fee £ 360, Deposite £ 72, ( £ 24/month )
  • Full Fee: £ 900
  • Discount: £ 630
  • Pay Today: £ 270
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Get £ 630 Discount Pay Today £ 270
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Pay in Instalment Full Fee £ 360, Deposit £ 72, (£ 24/month)
you can pay Staff Training Solutions using payatrader
Course Overview

Hotel Management Level 6

Take the first step towards a high-profile a career in hotel management today, with the help and support of Staff Training Solutions.  Whether you already work in hospitality or have your sights set on something new, this endorsed Hotel Management Level 6 Course could prove invaluable.  Our online courses prioritise flexibility and accessibility, with no deadlines or time restrictions to worry about. This Level 6 Professional Diploma in Hospitality comprises 15 insightful units, covering topics such as front and back office operations, team leadership and people management, training and development in hospitality, managing interdepartmental communications and an introduction to accountancy.  Build the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to enjoy a rewarding hospitality career – sign up with STS courses today!

Why Study Hotel Management?

Careers in the hospitality sector are renowned for being enjoyable, energetic and ideal for ambitious candidates.  One of the world’s most prolific employers, it’s estimated that at least 2.4 million people work in the hospitality sector in the UK alone.  For those with the drive and termination to succeed, long-term career development opportunities are limitless. Hotel workers benefit from a uniquely sociable working environment, while gaining access to a wide variety of perks and privileges. Free hotel stays, discounted restaurant meals and perhaps even the opportunity to travel the world.  If you enjoy teamwork, have a passion for people and consider yourself a born leader in the making, a career in the hospitality sector comes highly recommended.

Course Syllabus

Staff Training Solutions offers a wide variety of hotel and hospitality management courses to suit all experience and skill levels.  Our endorsed Level 6 Hotel Management Diploma covers the following topics over the course of 15 units:

Unit 1 - Introduction to Hotel Management

Provides a broad overview of the contemporary hospitality sector, including an introduction to the hotel’s main internal departments and the personnel who oversee their operation.

Unit 2 - Managing Front Office Operations

Examines each of the primary responsibilities of the hotel’s front office and reservation departments, including reservations management, yield management and accounting.

Unit 3 - Housekeeping, Engineering & Security Operations

A brief introduction to several additional departments in a hotel environment, along with the responsibilities of their respective personnel and the roles they play in sustaining the business.

Unit 4 - Managing Food and Beverage Operations

Discusses the provision of restaurant and bar services in hotels, including how to create an appropriate menu, choose the right layout for a restaurant and create an appropriate pricing structure.

Unit 5 - Recruitment and Selection

Explores the various channels available for sourcing new recruits, along with how to conduct job interviews and a step-by-step breakdown of the new employee screening process.

Unit 6 - Training and Development

Candidates learn how to identify the training and development requirements of the workforce, provide ongoing career development opportunities and optimise training quality.

Unit 7 - Human Resources Management

Presents and discusses the main HRM functions performed in a hotel setting, along with helpful guidelines for building motivated, loyal and high-performing teams.

Unit 8 - Dealing with Difficult People

Discusses the diplomatic and productive approach to dealing with challenging people and defusing difficult situations, highlighting the importance of clear and confident communication.

Unit 9 - Transport Management

Learners evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of several primary modes of transportation in the hotel and hospitality sector, alongside other important logistical concepts and considerations.

Unit 10 – The Importance of Customer Feedback

Highlights the importance of leveraging the full value of every compliment and complaint received, with practical pointers for accurately gauging customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Unit 11 – The Importance of Effective Communication

Explains the extent to which communication is the cornerstone of all successful hospitality operations, along with how to overcome or avoid communication breakdowns at work.

Unit 12 - Quality Management

A look at quality control in the hospitality sector, including the standardised checks and inspections carried out to award accommodation providers their Star Ratings.

Unit 13 - Marketing and Advertising

The importance of impactful marketing and advertising for the hospitality business is then discussed, presenting a detailed breakdown of the effective hotel marketing strategy.

Unit 14 - Managing Interdepartmental Communications

Offers a more detailed look at the importance of seamless and continuous communication between the various departments within the hotel and their interdependence on each other.

Unit 15 - Accounting in Hospitality

Familiarises candidates with several major accountancy activities, financial documents and a variety of hotel folios, along with the use of profit and loss accounts in hospitality.

Career Path

However ambitious your objectives in the hospitality sector are, this Hotel Management Level 6 Diploma could help you achieve them.  Accommodation providers worldwide are constantly seeking energetic, outgoing and enthusiastic newcomers to add to their teams. Entry-level positions in hospitality often pave the way for high-level promotion opportunities within the first couple of years.  If you have the drive, determination and dedication needed to succeed, even the sky isn’t the limit in the hospitality sector!

Course Endorsement

At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course).

This course and/or training programme has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course and/or training programme is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. Your training provider will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

Who should take this course

Staff Training Solutions is proud to support career-focused candidates worldwide with an extensive library of endorsed online courses. This popular Hotel Mangement Level 6 Diploma comes highly recommended to:

  • New recruits looking to fast-track their promotion prospects
  • Experienced personnel working on their knowledge and skills
  • Hotel managers, team leaders and supervisors at all levels
  • Entrepreneurs considering setting up new hospitality businesses
  • Energetic and outgoing candidates with a passion for people
  • Jobseekers looking to enhance their resumes and long-term outlook

Sign up online and get started today, or contact the STS admissions team anytime if you have any questions.

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