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Human Resource Management Advanced Diploma QLS Level 5
Course at QLS Level 5
Study Method Online
Course Duration 450 Hours
Start Date Ongoing
Endorsement Endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme
Pay in Instalment Full Fee £ 192, Deposite £ 36, ( £ 13/month )
  • Full Fee: £ 660
  • Discount: £ 528
  • Pay Today: £ 132
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Pay in Instalment Full Fee £ 192, Deposit £ 36, (£ 13/month)
you can pay Staff Training Solutions using payatrader
Course Overview

Human Resource Management Certificate Online

Ready to climb the career ladder as a qualified HR manager?  Study for an endorsed Human Resource Management Certification online and tomorrow could be yours for the taking!  Staff Training Solutions is proud to offer another exclusive HR Certificate Programme online - our most advanced HR course to date!  This intensive Level 5 Diploma explores the roles and responsibilities of key HR management personnel, introducing employee relations, performance evaluations, staff training and development, reward and recognition systems, performance management and the value of diversity in the workplace.  Enjoy expert tutor support as you work your way towards full human resources certification online, with no deadlines or time-restrictions to worry about!  Whatever your objectives, STS is here to help you fulfil your potential!

Why Study Human Resource Management?

Every business is unique, but businesses at all levels depend on strong and capable employees.  The human workforce is the lifeblood that powers operations at the heart of every successful business.  In the absence of an enthusiastic and ambitious workforce, the business as a whole is unable to function. The quality and capabilities of the workforce directly influencing the efficiency, output and profitability of the entire organisation.  Worldwide, demand for talented HR professionals consistently exceeds supply.  From recruitment and training to employee performance management to workplace health and safety management, HR is a diverse field that incorporates many responsibilities.  Not to mention, an incredibly rewarding position with limitless opportunities for career advancement!

Course Syllabus

This advanced Human Resources Management Certificate Programme is open to newcomers and existing HR workers alike.  Build the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in this fascinating field, as you work your way through 11 engaging modules as follows:

Module 1 - Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

The first module introduces candidates to the concept of HR management, incorporating an exploration of the roles and responsibilities of key HR personnel.  The objectives and functions of HR management from a business perspective are discussed, along with the benefits of effective HR management, several common HR challenges and an overview of the HR code of ethics.

Module 2 - Planning Recruitment & Selection in HR          

Learners are then provided with a crash-course introduction to the art of effective recruitment.  Each component stage of the recruitment and selection process is discussed in depth, along with the effective use of screening techniques, how to conduct professional interviews with prospective candidates and the logistics of the onboarding process.

Module 3 - Employee Relations

The business-wide benefits of developing and maintaining strong employee relations are discussed in module three, which presents helpful tips and techniques for strengthening relationships in the workplace.  An introduction to industrial relations and trade unions is also included, along with the consequences of frayed or underdeveloped employee relations.

Module 4 - Performance Evaluations

Candidates are then guided through the process of planning and conducting effective performance reviews, including how to ask important questions and the effective use of probing techniques.  Gathering and presenting constructive feedback is also discussed, along with helpful tips when faced with more challenging employees.

Module 5 - Staff Training and Development: Policy and Procedure

Module five examines the functions and objectives of staff training procedures and ongoing developmental policies.  The value of continuous coaching and nurturing talent from within is discussed, along with helpful tips for improving staff retention, assessing the cost-effectiveness of employee training programs and the consequences of substandard or inconsistent employee training.

Module 6 - Performance Management

In module six, learners are presented with the benefits of proactive performance management for both the business and its workforce.  The importance of strategic succession planning is also discussed, along with the objectives of career-development interviews, the benefits of providing performance counselling services for employees and additional subtopics.

Module 7 - Employee Reward and Recognition Systems                                

The relationship between remuneration and employee performance is examined in the seventh module, which details some of the most common and effective types of rewards and incentives.  Alternative employee reward and recognition schemes are also explored, including competence-related pay, merit pay, stock options and profit sharing.

Module 8 - Diversity and Equal Opportunities

An exploration of the limitless benefits of workplace diversity follows in module eight, which also discusses a company’s legal obligations with regard to equal opportunities.  The dangers of workplace discrimination are discussed in-depth, along with the objectives of a workplace diversity policy and helpful tips for championing equal opportunities at work.

Module 9 - Maintaining Health and Safety in the Workplace                                       

Candidates then explore the roles and responsibilities of HR personnel in workplace health and safety management.  The functions of workplace health and safety audits are discussed, along with risk assessments, the benefits of employee health programs and an introduction to workplace health and safety legislation.

Module 10 - Attendance Management: Absence and Attendance       

The financial costs and wider consequences of absenteeism are discussed in module 10, which also details several effective measures for preventing and dealing with excessive absence.  The relationship between motivation and employee attendance is also examined, along with disciplinary measures that may be required to handle problematic cases.

Module 11 - Disciplinary, Grievance, Termination and Dismissal Issues

Bringing the course to a close, module 11 guides candidates through the process of confidently handling workplace grievances.  Learners discuss where and how grievances emerge, the importance of tackling issues at the earliest possible stage and how to determine when disciplinary proceedings or termination may be called for.

Career Path

Our highest-level Human Resource Management Certificate Course was designed for ambitious candidates looking to take the field of HR by storm.  With no prior knowledge or experience required, course content gradually examines the duties, responsibilities and theoretical concepts at the heart of successful HR. Step confidently into your first leadership role, or take your existing HR career to the next level.  With a professional certificate in human resource management on your CV, even the sky isn’t the limit!  Entry-level HR roles typically attach salaries in the region of £20,000.

Course Endorsement

At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course).

This course and/or training programme has been endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. This course and/or training programme is not regulated by Ofqual and is not an accredited qualification. Your training provider will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on the Quality Licence Scheme website.

Who should take this course

Staff Training Solutions takes pride in supporting ambitious candidates on every step of their career journey. This exclusive Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management was designed with the following applicants in mind:

  • Enthusiastic candidates looking to fast track-their careers
  • Members of the workforce pursuing promotion
  • HR workers committed to continuous professional development
  • Newcomers interested in entry-level HR roles
  • Entrepreneurs considering new business establishment
  • Jobseekers looking to enhance their resumes

We’ll provide the resources, study aids and expert tutor support you need to gain maximum value from your studies!  Get started on your Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management today, or contact the admissions team at STS for more information!

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