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Supply Chain Management Level 6
Course at QLS Level 6
Study Method Online
Course Duration 500 Hrs
Start Date Ongoing
Endorsement CPD Accredited
Pay in Instalment Full Fee £ 270, Deposite £ 54, ( £ 18/month )
  • Full Fee: £ 900
  • Discount: £ 720
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Pay in Instalment Full Fee £ 270, Deposit £ 54, (£ 18/month)
you can pay Staff Training Solutions using payatrader
Course Overview

Level 6 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Study online with Staff Training Solutions, for the opportunity to earn an endorsed Level 6 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  This is an exclusive home study program for newcomers and experienced personnel, with no fixed study schedules or deadlines for assignment submission.  Open for enrolment throughout the year, our popular Supply Chain Management Level 6 Course comprises 16 self-paced units with online assessments.  Topics covered include market distribution, human resource management, logistics and transportation management, warehousing operations, supply chain performance tracking and many more besides. Sign up online to gain access to our dynamic digital learning platform, or call anytime for more information on the enrolment process.

Why Study Supply Chain Management?

Careers in supply chain management are ideal for critical thinkers with problem solving attitudes.  It is a complex and multi-faceted field, which encompasses a wide variety of complementary disciplines.  Demand for skilled supply chain managers is consistently high on a global basis, as employers seek the input and expertise of qualified personnel.  Supply chain managers play a major role in ensuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of all activities spanning the entire supply chain. Whether pursuing promotion or considering a major career change, an advanced supply chain management award on your CV could help you take that next big step!

Course Syllabus

Staff Training Solutions offers a wide range of supply chain management courses to suit all experience and skill levels. Our Level 6 Diploma is delivered over a series of 16 online units, covering the topics and knowledge areas outlined below:

Unit 1 - Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Provides a detailed definition and overview of the contemporary supply chain, outlining a series of essential supply chain management activities and tracking the physical movement of goods.

Unit 2 - Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Presents and discusses several major activities involved in logistics, along with the primary aims of logistics and importance of strategic logistics management for supply chain efficiency.

Unit 3 - Logistics Strategy & Operations

A look at the strategic decisions that must be made when developing a logistics strategy, how to analyse consumer markets and the role logistics plays from a broader supply chain perspective.

Unit 4 - Planning & Sourcing Operations

Covers the essentials of planning and sourcing operations in the field of supply chain management, with a look at demand forecasting and how to produce accurate forecasts.

Unit 5 - Procurement Operations

Candidates are presented with a detailed breakdown of the procurement cycle, the potential benefits of electronic procurement and a look at the differences between procurement and purchasing.

Unit 6 - Manufacturing & Delivery Operations                                               

Examines key manufacturing processes and delivery operations from a supply chain perspective, with a look at returns processing and the importance of strategic delivery scheduling.

Unit 7 - Market Distribution in the Supply Chain

Candidates learn how to select the most appropriate and efficient channels of distribution, by evaluating the benefits of the available distribution channels and performing essential market research.

Unit 8 - Transport Management

A detailed overview of the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of transportation, with a look at intermodal transport and the use of third-party carriers.

Unit 9 - Human Resource Management

Presents and discusses the main human resource management responsibilities of the supply chain manager, including the development and implementation of a suitable HR code of ethics.

Unit 10 - Change Management

Outlines essential activities and exercises for more confident change management, with an overview of the main stages of the change cycle and a look at several key factors in successful change.

Unit 11 - Time Management

Useful guidelines and insights for making more efficient use of time, including how to prioritise tasks more effectively, set realistic goals and establish a daily schedule.

Unit 12 - Conflict Management

A step-by-step guide to dispute resolution in the workplace, examining the different stages of conflict and questioning the main causes of disputes among members of the workforce.

Unit 13 - Warehouse Inventory Management

Assesses how warehousing fits in with a wider logistics strategy, while examining a series of important activities in a warehouse setting and the responsibilities of the warehouse manager.

Unit 14 - Warehouse Material handling

Further insights into the purposes of warehouses and activities that take place in storage environments, with a look at safe and effective ways to handle and move materials.

Unit 15 - Using Information Technology in Supply Chain

Discusses the extensive use of information technology in supply chain management, with a look at the most widely used data capture technologies and essential communication technologies.

Unit 16 - Supply Chain Performance Measurement

Activities and exercises for objectively tracking and measuring supply chain performance, including how to respond when a link within the supply chain becomes unreliable or inefficient.

Career Path

Studying for a Level 6 Diploma in Supply Chain Management could pave the way for any number of lifelong careers.  With no prior knowledge or experience required, this advanced course begins with the basics of supply chain management and gradually progresses to more complex knowledge areas.  Pursue leadership-level promotion opportunities, start a new career from scratch or learn how to run your own business more efficiently, with the help and support of Staff Training Solutions.

Course Endorsement


Who should take this course

Enrolment is open 365 days a year, making now the perfect time to start your Level 6 Supply Chain Diploma.  This exclusive online training program comes highly recommended to the following applicants:

  • Business owners looking to run their businesses more efficiently
  • Senior managers, executives and decisionmakers at all levels
  • Supply chain personnel pursuing leadership-level promotion opportunities
  • Anyone who works in a warehousing or logistics environment
  • Prospective entrepreneurs considering setting up new businesses
  • Jobseekers looking to gain a major edge over rival candidates

Enrol online to gain instant access to our digital learning platform, or contact the admissions team at Staff Training Solutions anytime for more information.

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