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FAQ - Staff Training Solutions

What is E-Learning/Online Training?

Online Training represents an accessible, affordable alternative (or complement) to traditional classroom-based staff training.  In the simplest terms, the difference with e-learning is that each employee is able to access the required courses and training materials at any time and from any place, using a computer with an Internet connection. E-learning eliminates the need for employees to attend formal classroom-based training sessions, immediately saving your business a great deal of time and money.

How does online training work?

Upon enrolment, the employee receives all resources and learning materials required to successfully complete the course.  Each course is split into digestible, manageable units, which include assessments to verify the assimilation of knowledge and development of new skills.  Comprehensive tutor support is also provided, giving every candidate the highest possible chance of success.

Why should I consider online training?

Whether looking to train just a handful of employees within a single business or hundreds of workers spanning the globe, online training offers unique flexibility, accessibility and value.  Along with the convenience of being able to access and complete the programs from anywhere in the world, it typically takes up to 50% less time to complete an online training course and at a fraction of the cost of classroom training.

Are Online Training Courses of Sufficient Quality?

The training courses we offer at STS UK are not only developed by leading academics and industry representatives, but are also fully-accredited and recognized worldwide.  We take enormous pride in producing only the highest-quality courses and course materials, in order to provide training opportunities of equal or superior quality to classroom-based courses.

What makes web-based training courses effective?

E-learning not only makes high-quality training convenient and affordable, but also uniquely engaging.  What makes online training different is the way in which every candidate is able to work at a pace that suits their own unique learning style.  Rather than every employee being expected to learn at the same rate and in the same way, online training offers the kind of flexibility that can make a real difference.  We work hard to ensure that our courses are comprehensively digestible, enjoyable and packed with valuable knowledge and insights.

How are online courses updated to reflect the latest regulations?

The STS UK team is constantly and intensively monitoring all relevant and applicable regulations, laws and policies, in order to ensure that our courses remain accurate and up-to-date.  Unlike textbooks and conventional learning materials, online resources and course content can be edited quickly and easily, as and when required.  This ensures that all of our courses and learning materials are kept right on the cutting-edge of their respected industries, delivering maximum value for your employees and your business.

What are the advantages of online training?

While the most obvious benefit of online staff training is reduced costs, the advantages of e-learning go far further than financial savings.  For example, research suggests that when compared like-for-like, employees who take training courses online remember more and pick up more skills then those who attend classroom-based training sessions.  The logistics of setting up and hosting physical training sessions is eliminated from the equation, as is the requirement for employees to travel to and from the chosen locations. Online training also provides employees with the opportunity to benefit from one-on-one advice and support from experienced tutors, which generally isn’t the case with traditional classroom training sessions.

Are certificates or qualifications earned upon completion of online course?

When an employee successfully completes any of our courses, they earn either a recognised qualification or a certificate.  All of our courses are fully accredited and we provide your employees with the opportunity to earn advanced qualifications that are recognized worldwide

What are the hardware and software requirements for online training?

The only technology required to make use of any of our online training courses is a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser.  We provide all course materials and resources in the most convenient and simplified manner possible, to maximize compatibility and minimize system requirements.  It is also possible to view and study many of the resources and materials we provide via a mobile device.

Are any classroom exams or assessments required?

No.  While each of our courses includes multiple assessments to gauge the progress of the employee, all assessments are taken remotely.  Upon completion, it is simply a case of digitally submitting each assessment, which will then be moderated by an experienced tutor.

What if an employee fails any of the assessments?

Should any of the assessments submitted prove unsuccessful, the employee’s designated tutor will reach out to them with the help and support required to ensure their next attempt succeeds.  Simply failing an assessment does not mean having to retake the entire course, but rather just the assessment itself.

How long does it take to complete an online training course?

Study time differs significantly, in accordance with both subject and level.  Nevertheless, it typically takes around 50% less time to complete an online training course than a comparable classroom-based equivalent.  As your employees are free to study in their own time and at their own pace, online training courses can be completed by those with even the most hectic of schedules.

Are there any imposed deadlines?

Generally speaking, all online training courses are kept as open and flexible as possible with no strict deadlines or time restrictions to worry about.  It is even possible for employees to leave the course and come back at a later date, should it be necessary to do so.

Is online training safe and secure?

We work closely with a leading web development and security team, in order to closely monitor the safety and security of all of our customers.  Our commitment to privacy and data security is total.

How much does an E-Learning course cost?

Once again, costs vary significantly in accordance with the level of the course and the subject chosen.  Nevertheless, online training courses are exponentially cheaper than comparable classroom-based equivalents of the same quality.  What’s more, the price you see is the price you pay and covers absolutely everything needed for your employees to fully complete the course.  Unlike some, we provide all course materials and resources as standard, meaning there’s not an additional penny to pay above the initial purchase price.

For more information on any of our courses or to discuss online training for your business, get in touch with the Staff Training Solutions UK customer service team today.



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