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Zodiac Casino No Deposit – Complete Inspection

The famous Zodiac casino flashes green lights in front of all newcomers and beginners. It's going to explode your world with its unique promotion. Even the terms won't seem to be so frightening anymore, after you find out what the bonus is. Are you ready to learn more about this venue?

80 Chances to Win Jackpot! (for New Entries Only)

80 Chances to Win

What makes our lives happy? Freebies or no deposit bonuses at Microgaming are about to be the answer to this question. This playhouse suggests you to try out its bonus cocktail made of 80 slot turns or 80 chances to hit a jackpot. This proposition is available for new gamers only, those who have never signed up at Zodiac before. All thrill-seekers are welcome to claim the best perk to start winning right away depositing 1 euro only, which looks like no depositing at all.

Free Cash Sum

The promotion is credited as 20 Euros or turn it into 80 spins on Mega Moolah. It's not surprising that the staff chose this slot. Due to a wide network of connected Microgaming houses where the jackpots accumulate, it pays regularly, several times in a year, making even ordinary people rich and happy instantly. Just imagine what this amount of rolls can do to you.

Bet Amounts

All the turns given you may play away at 0.25 cent bet. And you're wrong if you think that it's not enough. Did you know that most of lump sums were paid after 50-cent bets or cheaper? Definitely, there are much more turns you can have even with a 50 Euro deposit. This is good to go for most users and in there, winners are produced every year.


Slot machines were always absolutely eligible to complete playthrough rates, as they are games of a pure luck. Cards are not about it, there is always some strategy to increase your income. However, such an option as All Aces Video Poker is not accepted at all because it allows you to finish wagers much faster, which is unprofitable not only for Zodiac but for any house.


The bonus has bet requirements which should be satisfied at full. There is a 60-times wagering (1,200 Euro to wager at the very least) to perform a cashout of this sum. Few days are enough to meet this condition if you like to gamble at the calm atmosphere in the evening, or on the go if you play through a tab or smartphone.


All bonus cash has its term of validity. Basically, your initial deposit should be done within the first week after a registration. Otherwise, you may have issues with its withdrawal. If you do so, take your time with other perks. There is no strict time for when you have to contribute for other promos, but it's better to do that as soon as possible. Wait no longer than 60 days.

Zodiac Mega Moolah Bonus Winners

Online gambling is proved to be the world of awesome winning opportunities and fair casinos. The great part in it play gaming providers who work day and nights on creating new products, plots, sounds and everything we cherish so much. One of such creations is Mega Moolah that turns dozens of avid players into millionaires. Zodiac is the place who knows such people first hand, as that's where their lives were turned upside down after hitting jackpots at this magnificent slot.

Casino Winners

Instant Player – G.M. Story

You never know how it is done. One man was impeccably lucky on the 12 June, 2014 when he saw that he won a jackpot while playing on a bonus money! Can you believe this? His reward was almost 4 million USD and he definitely experienced an enormous shock when he realized what had just happened. Zodiac congratulated the player and proved to be a trustful venue to stick with.

Mobile Player – I.R. Story

A few months later this story happened again, but this time with a woman! This lady definitely knows how to have a quality time, as she is the one who won over 3 million dollars for just one special click on the cold early morning in November, 2014. She couldn't believe her luck because the sum was actually very massive. But, the interesting fact is that she was playing via her mobile phone when she saw that life-changing screen. It seemed a miracle, however, surely, the reality was even better.


When obtaining a big catch, the casino congratulates you personally. Multi-million prizes are given to their owners on gala evenings. You get the personal invitation and a ticket to the city where everything is going to happen. No need to worry as a friendly staff will help with the accommodation and ceremony.

How about to Continue? - Zodiac Full Welcome Package

If you had tried to win on the 80 rolls, but nothing has happened, don't dare to give up! There are 4 more chances to change your life. The casino's package with four match bonuses is something worth your attention. Get the full welcome pack up to 500 Euros total with 100% and 50% matching promos on each deposit of 10+ Euros. This is no big deal to spin the progressive slots with such money and patiently wait when you gain the reward for all your efforts.