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Professional Development Programs for Employees

Why Train Online

E-learning has been improving lives and driving businesses for almost two decades now.  Introduced in an official capacity in 1998, the e-learning market has been credited with not just changing, but revolutionising the corporate world.  In fact, a recent study carried out by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that almost a third of all learning content available on a global basis now takes the form of e-learning.

Professional development programs for employees costs have always been something of a catch-22 situation for businesses.  You want to maximize the potential of your employees for their benefit and that of the business, but traditional approaches to training aren’t always affordable or convenient.

E-learning transforms corporate training and development as a uniquely cost-effective, flexible and accessible alternative.

Along with the obvious cost benefits of e-learning, contemporary online employee training courses brings with it a number of immense advantages, which include the following:

1. Access to Learning Anytime, Anywhere

As e-learning is housed in the cloud, it can be accessed and made use of from anywhere in the world at any time.  Online learning eliminates the need for regimented timetables and classroom environments, allowing employees to take premier-quality training courses at the most convenient time and in any suitable environment.

2. Improved Long-Term Retention of Information 

Studies have shown that when employees attend traditional training sessions, the vast majority of information they receive is quickly forgotten.  Comparatively little knowledge is assimilated during a typical training session, due in large to limits with the human attention span.  Incredibly, research has also shown that e-learning has the potential to improve information retention rates by as much as 60%.  Which in turn means that whatever kind of training is provided, your employees will take away much more value from e-learning.

3. Adapts to Various Learning Styles 

Traditional Training sessions and courses assume that every attendee learns in the same way and has the same capacity to assimilate information.  With e-learning, every participant is able to learn at their own pace and in their own chosen style, with expert assistance available as and when required.  When you are free to learn in a manner that suits you personally, you inherently achieve so much more.

4. Reduces Required Employee Time 

E-learning can also be uniquely efficient, taking up considerably less employee time than standard classroom training sessions.  In fact, it is estimated that online learning reduces the amount of time required per-employee by 40% to 60%.  This is further increased when taking into account the travel required to attend classroom training sessions and the logistics of organizing/setting up the sessions in the first place.

5. Constructive, Productive Feedback 

Rather than simply sitting through a training course and being provided with a certificate accordingly, online learning provides employees with the opportunity to receive constructive, productive feedback on their key strengths and weaknesses.  Once again, this comes down to the way in which tailored, one-one-support is provided via e-learning systems, which is rarely possible in a typical group training session in a classroom.

Total Control

All of the above is enhanced and enriched by the capacity for senior management to keep a constant eye on every element of the training the process as it occurs, tracking employee progress and performing real-time analysis. 

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that online training has become the primary, often exclusive choice of the world’s biggest and most successful companies spanning most contemporary sectors.  From costs to logistics to flexibility, e-learning has revolutionised employee training and development like never before.



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